In the Name of Allah (God Almighty), Most Gracious, Most Merciful

ISLAM - The Solution for Modern Problems


The Brotherhood of Man

A major problem which modern man faces is that of racism. The materially advanced nations can send man to the moon but they cannot solve man's existing problems on earth. Islam, over the last 1400 years, has shown in practice how racism can be ended. Every year during Hajj, the Islamic miracle of real brotherhood of all races and nations can be seen in action.

The Family

The family which is the basic unity of civilisation is disintegrating in all western countries. Islam's family system brings into a fine equilibrium the rights of man, wife, children and relatives. Islam nourishes human unselfishness, generosity and love in a well organised family system.

Human beings live according to their view of life. The tragedy of secular societies is that they fail to connect the different aspects of life. The secular and the religious, the scientific and the spiritual seem to be in conflict. Islam puts an end to, this conflict and brings harmony to man's vision of life.


What is the state of the world today? Has man freed himself from all superstitions, imbecilities and absurd beliefs? Has he discovered the man from within himself? Has he liberated himself from the yoke of worldly tyrants indulging in the exploitation of man by man? If such a millennium has not been achieved despite all developments in science and technology, then Islam has still a great and glorious part to play.

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