Fun Places

  • Aliens, UFO's, and the Philadelphia Project Check out this compilation of sites that deal with U.F.O. photos, Roswell, and all things weird and unexplained.
  • Adages, Cryptograms, Intelligence Tests, Puzzles & Contests/p>
  • All Advantage Check out this program that pays you for being online! Earn .50 an hour for surfing the sites you want to see, going where you want to go.
  • American Consumer Opinion Get paid for taking surveys.
  • Anagram Genius Server Rearranging the letters of 'Madonna Louise Ciccone' gives 'Occasional nu*de income'?! Find out for FREE what is hidden within YOUR name!
  • April Fool's Fake Mail Send an official auto recall notice, a pet paternity lawsuit, organ donation request, and more. Great fun, and a place for ideas to use with the anonymous mailer program on my downloads page.
  • April Fool's Fake Web Pages Year round free service. Send someone a warning from the Internet Indecency Comittee, an invitation to the Paula Jones/Clinton pity party, or send them to fake web sites made just to fool them! Fun, fun.
  • Apology Note Generator Just what it says
  • Bingo Blitz- Free Bingo for Cash Prizes Bingo Blitz is free to play and offers cash prizes in every game. Chat with other players while you play.
  • All for Free -Games You Can Play for Money Come and see all the games you can play for cash and prizes! Choose your game of trivia! Live online games offer a chance to win cash and prizes such as a new IBM Aptiva and more. Once you follow the link and sign up, you can play Mental State, CBS Sports Line Team Trivia, Puzzle A-Go-Go Phrase Game, General Trivia with Cosmo Conundrum, Picture This, and Trivia Blitz. Live chat, cash prizes, puzzle of the day, and people to talk to.
  • Cruel Site of the Day Takes you to the most cruel, disturbing, or entertaining site of the day.
  • Cyrano Server Do you want to tell someone you care? <or write that "Dear John" letter for you?> They will send it email for you.
  • Daily Vocabulary Quizzes With Cash Prizes Play these entertaining vocabulary quizzes and be entered into our drawings. Over $500 in cash and merchandise are given weekly for the vocabulary quizzes, our math games, and our trivia contests. The vocabulary quizzes are geared to SAT/GRE prep.
  • Dialpad Make free long distance calls using the internet. Quality is similar to a cell phone with a slight delay. Only one person needs a computer with a sound card and mike. Put in the phone number you want to call, and it connects right to their phone!
  • Direct Prizes Play DirectPrizes games to win $10,000 and hundreds of other prizes. No assembly required.
  • Disinformation Disinformation compiles links on underground topics such as revolutionaries and UFOs. Alternative takes on big news and stories.
  • Elvis Home Page Evidence that Elvis still lives, that Elvis was killed by an astrologer, etc. Funny.
  • Faces Make new faces from favorite <or not so favorite> celebrities.
  • Family Point Get a free web site for your whole family or church community to post notes and reminders, keep those that are out of town up to date, share pictures, and more. Very easy to use, and the whole family gets to participate.
  • Gallery of Unusual Patents
  • GoTo World GoTo World pays its members .40 cents an hour to surf the web using their browser with cool plugins and features. It then pays you .10 cents an hour for every hour your direct referrals surf.
  • Gator Grab this free download that remembers all your passwords, etc., so you won't have to, and get $50 in merchant coupons for free, too!
  • Greenfield Online Be a part of the Research Revolution and make a difference! Join now and be entered into the $2,000 Cash Giveaway and hundreds of other cash and merchandise prizes for participating in our online surveys.
  • Happy Drunks Plenty of entertainment, but the best part has to be the ugly people picture archive. Got someone on ICQ or the chat rooms that just won't leave you alone? Pick out a picture to send them!
  • Home Fair Cost of living calculator. See how well you would do in another city with the same income.
  • Horror News What's new and scary in the movies.
  • Intelligent Humor Page A collection of witty and hilarious jokes and stories and the most popular books of humor and jokes.
  • Interactive Crossword Puzzles Brought to you by the Philadelphia News. Puzzles on-line.
  • Kelly's Blue Book How much is that car worth, anyway? Free list values.
  • Laugher's Daily Joke Digest Get cool jokes by email.
  • Mad Cows See what the mad cows have to say! Cute.
  • Mad Trivia Play Mad Trivia for cash and prizes.
  • Map Quest Will draw a map for you from any two points with distance and shortest route
  • Math Games Play math games and win money! Choose from one of three entertaining math games, or play them all. A weekly cash prize of $25 is awarded. License Plate Math is the most popular game, and it's a game that can also be played while on the road.
  • Maze Creator Generate customized random mazes with solutions to be printed or copied to the clipboard for use in other programs. Mazes can be customized in shape, number and location of starting and stopping points, and drawn-on.
  • Message in a Bottle Place a message in the virtual bottle and send it on its way. You'll get a message in return from someone else that has thrown a bottle. Also, a bottle page for kids.
  • Message Mates Great site with animations. Send a card to someone or download a message-mate. Zombies, holiday message-mates, Star Trek, more.
  • Meta Spy See what everyone else is searching for on the net. This page allows you to see the search queries coming in.
  • Money Locators See if you have money waiting for you! Sources include old bank deposits, stocks and bonds, dividends, refunds from taxes, insurance, utility deposits, mortgages, and many other valuable assets.
  • Most Wanted United States and International listings.
  • News of the Weird Column by Chuck Shepherd. Weird stories from the news. Neat reading.
  • Nerd Test This test will give you your official nerd score.
  • On-line Frog Dissection
  • Guide to Paranormal Phenomenon Tons of links, discussions, and descriptions.
  • Planet-All Keep in touch with your friends, meet people with the same interests, get headline news by email every morning, and earn $1 certificates from Amazon.Com for every person you refer. Neat!
  • Phonetic Tells you what your <or any> phone number spells
  • Etour Neat service that starts your browser on a new page every time. Gear it for your interests, and it's FREE. You get points for using it that are redeemable for merchandise.
  • Random Curse Generator Looking for the right way to tell someone just how you feel? Then generate a curse just for them!
  • Rate Your Risk Rate your risk of being murdered.
  • Rubber Chicken Fake mail, virtual vacations, fun house, and buzz shop.
  • is the top source for breaking science, health and environmental news. They also offer message boards, real time chat rooms, live events, weather and more.
  • Speed Trap Registry
  • Strange but True Collection of strange but true facts about giant slugs, ancient Egyptions, strange names, and more.
  • The I-tools Research Page Identify anagrams, find rhyming words, geographical tools, reference library, universal translator, more. Really neat site.
  • The Kook's Museum Need I say more?
  • The Love Calculator Enter two names, and it will give you the odds of a relationship working out.
  • The National U.F.O Reporting Center
  • The U.F.O. Mind Dedicated to the unexplained.. from Bigfoot to Roswell.
  • The Weather Channel See what's in the forecast.
  • This is True More weird news from all over. Will deliver by email. Funny
  • Traditional IQ Tests on the Web Many different on-line IQ tests, including a sample test for Mensa. Great place to go to feel stupid. Heh heh.
  • Sick and Twisted Humor Daily jokes, sick humor, archives.


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